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Friday, February 19, 2010


An Inspirating Talk by Prof Muhaya. Auditorium PPUKM, February 18th.
"Live your life by design. not by default"

Do you believe that there is a Science of Success in life? Science refers to a highly skilled technique or simplt a practise. In this sense, science of success is a skillful way in achieving success. We have different styles of studying and developing skills, but what keeps us going through the path? what ensures the sustainability of our practice? Well, the person who visualizes is the one who can. If you see yurself as a future briliant neurosurgeon, serving the community and important people, that is what you're going to be. What we are now is because of what we did 10 years ago. Yes, 10 years ago we struggled to pass PMR, SPM, STPM and Matriculation Exams which eventually led us HERE. So what makes us think that we cannot be a well known cadiosugeon in the future?

It is the power of your mind that controls you. you need to beautify the roadmap of yor life by visualizing and believe in your vision. Prof Muhaya also taught us about Neurolinguistic Programming; what you think, affects your physiology. Hence maintain a good physiology by thinking good thoughts. This was proven by an 'experiment';

Try lifting up your hand to your side, and ask a friend to assess your power (like in those neurological exams, we really hope your power is 5/5 :) ) Set it as your baseline. Then think happy thoughts and ask your friend to push your hand downwards simultaneously. What happen is that you can easily work agaist the pressure. Now this time, remember those sad, heartbreasking moments you had and let your friend push tou again. The expected outcome is that you become weaker. Thus, make full use of our thoughts. Do not lie in your exams as it can lead to a weaker heart and weaker skeletal muscle :)

As a medical student or nursing student, more importantly as a future doctor and nurse, we are obliged to meet different people everyday bet it in the wards, clinics and etc. and we need to clerk, examine and educate them. it is our passion, right guys? Prof Muhaya emphasizes on our interpersonal skills by practising these tips: Look with appreciation - don't forget to SMILE, everyone smiles in the same language :), be happy, give good thoughts to people, heal yourself before healing others. yes, imagine giving advices t oir patients on losing weight and to exercise regularly whilst we, the medical personnels, are physically inactive, eat nasty-fatty-oily food regularly, and let stress lled our way? Our patient will not be convinced. They will not be moved a bit. Instead, they would become sicker after meet us. And we don't want that. So start living healty to leave a good impact on other people afterwards. If you already lead a helthy living, baravo! And keep it up until your heart stops.

Attitude is when thoughts, feling and actions come together. A good attitude helps us to accomplish the mission of life: to help people as much as to get God's help, to do things the best of ability. Mission of life = Purpose of life. Some people find it difficult to find a purpose to live. Some might have numerous purposes. all in all, we do not have to find the purpose, we just have to discover, because the purpose is already there. To serve God. To do good things.This explains why there isn't any Finding Channel, instead, we watch Discovery Channel all this while. Pursuingsuccess/purpose is simply letting happiness lead our way. To be happy, we need to think good thoughts, speak kind words, take good actions and success will be chasing us.

Organization tips: integrity (be honest) and treat others better than you want to be treated. when meeting someone, always appreciate them, acknowledge and do not critisize. Avoid being judgemental and defensive. try to speak kindly, care deeply, love generously. Remember the Devil 3: complaints, blame and take shame (putting all the negativity on yourself). Be kind, be beauty, be love, be expansive, be abundance, be receptive.

On top of that, it is not what happens to us in life that solely matters, it is how we respond to it that it will determine whether we will eventually succeed or not. einstein once said: Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. When we failed, or rather, when our success is being delayed, we can change our strategies until we achieve our goals. Dwell on thought that empowers, not what weken us. what we achieve is by the definiteness of our vision, the firmness of our purpose, the steadiness of our faith, the depth of our gratitude.

What we think, what we know, or what we believes is in the end, is of little consequences, the only consequences is what we do -John ruskin. So let us not hesitate to clerk a patient in the wards, do not think many times to present cases, JUST DO IT!

*Special thank to our wonderful 5th year seniors who were involved and contributed to make this happen. we pray your sucess here and thereafter.

* The talk was recorded and will be freely distributed, insha Allah.

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